Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BigStockPhoto Is Now BigStock

Here is the anouncement from the BigStock Blog:

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Bigstock’s new redesign.  Since December, the team has been focused on a number of exciting improvements to serve you better:
  • An entirely new design focused on clean presentation and ease-of-use
  • A new and enhanced search engine
  • New image sizes with larger previews and thumbnails
  • A “liquid layout” for search results and lightboxes, allowing users to see more images on the page
  • Full support for multiple forms of Boolean logic in search (for example, show me: horse AND gallop NOT farm)
  • New navigation
  • Redesigned and improved upload tools for contributors
  • Updated and edited text throughout the site
  • A transition from “galleries” to the more traditional “lightboxes” as a place to save favorite images
  • New blogs with tips and announcements for both contributors and buyers
  • Updated logos and branding
  • Additional search engine optimizations for Google and others
  • …and much, much more.  Since the entire interface has changed, hundreds of improvements have been integrated into the site.
We’ve also been hard at work making improvements to the collection: checking metadata and enhancing the search algorithm to provide a better balance of quality, relevance, and freshness in search results.
We want you to have a simple, efficient and rewarding experience here at Bigstock.
As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Please send feedback about these improvements to  All support requests, bugs, and sales inquiries should be directed to

Best Regards,
Scott Braut
Product Manager

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