Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fotolia: Making Microstock Work Harder

Millions of dollars are made in microstock each year. 10 years ago, the industry emerged from obscurity and started a market revolution by offering royalty-free images for next to nothing. Today, contributors need a site that markets their images to countless buyers around the world. Find out how Fotolia increases contributor revenue potential through extended services, such as APIs.

API options that work for you
Fotolia members can earn extra revenue through Fotolia’s Partner API affiliation options, Business API product and service integration services, or our Developer API opportunities. These options enable users to improve the Fotolia experience by building software, plug-ins, and widgets applications.

Fotolia’s API Cookie Jar

Partner API
Generate revenue by searching Fotolia’s database and displaying results on your website.

Developer API
Perfect for creative people looking to design new applications, such as modules, plug-ins, software, web services, or widgets.

Business API
Generate extra revenue with fully-customizable services. Pull out elements that work for your business and clients. Fotolia’s Business API is an ideal solution for printing and online template companies who produce customized items for clients.

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