Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zoonar: Cash Bonus For Top Pictures!

Germany 4/13/2010 - Zoonar and Polylooks are launching an exiting new content offer! The official countdown begins on Wednesday 14th April 2010 from midnight onwards, The first 2000,000 images to be uploaded to Zoonar and then also accepted as image content for Polylooks will receive EUR 0.15 per image!

Make money immediately and make use of the many advantages we have to offer:
  • Accepted image material will be placed and marketed on both platforms without giving you any extra work
  • We will provide cost-free German keywording for your images, if required
  • Accepted images will also be added to our Picturemaxx sales channel (Picturemaxx provides image buying software for publishers, agencies etc)
  • Every accepted image will receive 0.15€ and the cash bonus doesn’t effect your future earnings
  • Your images are provided on a non-exclusive basis, that means you can still make them available through other channels/platforms

There’s only one condition to get your cash is: The photographer details that you give to Zoonar will be passed onto Polylooks image portal. Also the images are to be sold on a royalty free basis. The offer will end as soon as 200,000 images are accepted by Polylooks. You will be able to follow the daily update of the running total by visiting the Zoonar website.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Register with Zoonar
  2. In your Profile area, click to accept the partner "Polylooks"
  3. Upload your images with the cost-free Media Manager from Zoonar
  4. Activate ‘Royalty Free Licence’ for all your images
  5. Assign clearance to your images that have successfully passed the Zoonar editorial check

Finally, the partner ‘Polylooks’ will also perform a brief quality check on your images. This second quality check is necessary due to the fact that not all images can be sold under a Royalty Free Licence. Also, it’s important for Polylooks that the images they have on offer are of good quality and can be professionally put to use by potential customers. At the same time, the images, when required, will be given German keywords (a service that we are offering free-of-charge). This can take from 2 to 7 days to complete depending on demand. Fortunately, you can be assured that as soon as the images have been accepted by Polylooks, you will receive your 0.15€ per image accredited to your Zoonar account.

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