Saturday, May 1, 2010 Announced An Upgrade Website

Fremont, California – April, 2010 – announced an upgrade to improve search experience and became one of the fastest loading stock photography web sites once again delivering sustained innovation to the industry. Although website improvement is a continuous process, the latest website redesign was aimed at making the search speed and loading of the images a breeze allowing for greater customer return rate in a competitive market of stock photography.

For web users the pace of an online tool is essential just as the innovation and content. Developers successfully accomplished the task to immediately demonstrate purpose and make site navigation friendly for new users. 

By combining complementary strengths of a quality search platform and a creative design incorporates all advantages of a stock photo site while offering much more attractive volume download packages to its customers. Users will find that they can find what they need faster and with more relevance. search platform will lead to more value for contributors of the content as well whose images and illustrations will be shown more often and ultimately will lead to more conversions into sales.

Development team leader Elena Oryol discusses the search advances and what it will mean to customers, contributors and the industry. “Implementation of the advanced search platform establishes the foundation for better customer experience,” said Elena. “Users will enjoy using the search and use the site more often if the results are relevant and fast. Content contributors will also benefit from better sales and an upgraded member platform.”

Providing a viable alternative to commonly used stock photo sites, combines search data to better serve the design community in general. Content contributors will now enjoy extended availability of new tools to check website statistics and informative data with regard to the information people are looking for. Search speed and ease of use will effectively attract more users, in its turn leading to more relevant sales and repeat clientele.

The key upgrades are as follows:
• Analyzed keyword data.
• Fast loading of graphics via an array of servers.
• Optimized data for better loading time.

About is a California based website for buying and selling Stock Photography online.


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