Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Microstock Agency PantherMedia Launches Video Competition 2010

Photo- and videographers of the stock agency and free photocommunity PantherMedia can contribute online-videos to the video contest “moving images” and can win great prizes until end of October 2010. 

Munich, July 15th, 2010 - Panther Media, the largest original German microstock agency with millions of royalty-free - images, illustrations and a lively photo community, launches the video contest "moving images". With that contest, PantherMedia picks up a future trend in the stock and advertising market towards online videos. The community is looking for the most creative, interesting, funny or reflective videos that are based on the common interest of the community members: photography.
Panther Media users are invited to contribute their videos until the end of October. The videos are published on the PantherMedia-YouTube-Channel. Selected clips are also published in the company's blog. The winners are voted in early November. The score is based upon the views and the clicked “like”-buttons per video.

More than twenty great prizes can be won: photo equipment by Enjoy Your Camera, professional software by NIK Software and vouchers by FineArtPrint.de.

"Photo- and videographers of our community can now express their creativity based on the new medium videography", explains Robert Walters, co-founder and CEO of Panther Media. "Stock photography is now entering a new phase with the demand for online videos. This way, we prepare our business for this new trend. However, this video contest is all about fun! The videos are not sold."

Blog: http://www.panthermedia.net?video
PantherMedia YouTube-Channel: http://www.panthermedia.net/?youtube
Homepage: http://www.panthermedia.net

About Panther Media / media data:
PantherMedia is a marketplace for royalty free (RF) photography. Suppliers as well as buyers of commercial and editorial imagery meet on one platform separated in a photocommunity for photographers and a stock agency for image buyers. Agencies, publishing houses, designers, bloggers and enterprises can license stock photos easily and flexible for less than one Euro. The purchase of images is possible on invoice, via credits or within a subscription model. PantherMedia.net is an enterprise of PantherMedia GmbH with headquarters in Munich, Germany and was founded in October 2004. At present, PantherMedia offers millions of images produced by more than 30,000 photographers.

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