Sunday, July 18, 2010

ShotSpy Launches Revolutionary Stock Photo and Video Search Engine

Canadian company offers consumers easier access to royalty-free video and photo stock.

(PRNewsChannel) / July 09, 2010 / VANCOUVER / The lives of all creatives, from marketing managers to video editors to entrepreneurs, just got easier with the launch of ShotSpy, the Smart Stock Search Engine ( This video and photo search engine enables users to search the contents of multiple photo libraries and video stockhouses simultaneously. The site is now the largest marketplace for stock available today, delivering over 37 million images, according to ShotSpy.

The video and stock photo search engine says the site saves users time, energy, and money by aggregating the content of the leading photo and video microstock sites, such as Fotolia®, 123RF®, Dreamstime®, Crestock®, and ClipCanvas®. The content delivered is royalty-free and ranges from $1 - $70 per clip or image. Users can refine their search and save their favorite images and clips in their personal ShotBox.

“I used to spend hours searching site after site, trying to find the ideal image for my client,” said Shelley Dubois of Candid Communications, “but now I can see all the photos and video clips the best sites have available in one simple search.”

“We travel a lot and use sites like Expedia® and Orbitz® to see all our flight options quickly,” said Tiffany Steeves, cofounder of "We wanted to create something that could mirror the ease and efficiencies of those search engines, but apply it to the stock photo and video industry.”

“The prices for the images and clips are incredible,” said company co-founder Sabrina Heinekey. “The photos and video clips on these sites are almost identical to those on the ‘macrostock’ sites, where the prices are literally a thousand times as expensive.”

The technology behind the engine was created by Fantom Design and a team of leading developers and designers.

For more information on ShotSpy, please visit ShotSpy is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, any of the aforementioned companies.

About ShotSpy:
ShotSpy, The Smart Stock Search Engine, is the fastest, easiest way to find royalty-free photos and footage at microstock prices. Powered by a revolutionary search platform, ShotSpy allows you to search and view the contents of multiple libraries and stockhouses in the blink of an eye.

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The world of photography exploded in celebration with the advent of the first image stock marketplace, and is preparing to do it all over again by redefining the way the photostock industry works.

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