Monday, July 12, 2010

Shutterstock introduce Shutterbuzz

For the last few weeks Shutterstock been building an interactive blog for their contributors. Today they are pleased to introduce you to Shutterbuzz!

What you’ll find here:
  • The heart of Shutterbuzz is an archive of articles about creating stock photography, illustration and footage, which you can navigate using the green sidebar on the right-hand side of every page. Scroll through it to find the best tips, articles and important Shutterstock resources. You’ll find reviews of top cameras, links to legal information and much more. Shutterbuzz will be editing this index to better suit your needs as Shutterbuzz grows.
  • A blog of new posts about the latest Shutterstock happenings. This will eventually become the main channel for posting announcements to Shutterstock contributors. (Fans of the Shutterstock Forum, don’t despair. The forums will still be a place to talk to your peers in the Shutterstock community.)
  • Community-Submitted News. Have a fun story you want to tell? A piece of gear you think is really great? A question you think other contributors can help answer? Write it up and share it as a community post! You’ll find a link at the top of every page to Community Posts, where you can see posts from readers or submit your own using a form. Posts will be held for moderation. When approved (assuming they aren’t spam), they’ll appear on the community page for others to read and comment on. Shutterbuzz will promote the most interesting ones to the main Shutterbuzz blog feed.
  • Stories by and about the people behind Shutterstock—especially contributors, their influences and how they do their best work.
  • A search box to help you find archived stories.

Shutterbuzz goal is to make Shutterstock contributors the best-informed, most enthused, most creative and highest-earning artists in the known universe. With your help, Shutterbuzz will be adding lots more articles in the coming months to make Shutterbuzz a must-visit destination.

You can visit Shutterbuzz at, or follow it with their RSS feed. They will also be posting Shutterbuzz announcements on our Twitter and Facebook channels. Shutterbuzz is a companion to Shutterstock's existing blog for customers, the Shutterstock Blog.

Enjoy this new resource and please tell Shutterstock what you think! You can write to with feedback about Shutterbuzz. (As always, you can contact Shutterstock contributor support team at



nurol aminah said...

I can't enter my own account since few weeks back. The security code never appear and the page said that i was entered wrong password/username. I'm so frustated. Please somebody help me. Thank You.

Henrik Lehnerer said...

Have you contact Shusterstock support?

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