Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mauritius images presents "Wild Wonders of Europe"

Mauritius Images
Aug 03. 2010 10:08 by CEPIC - mauritius images is proud to present pictures of an unique photographic project: Wild Wonders of Europe – a documentation on the vast variety of species and on the beauty of European nature accompanied by an exhibition tour that can be seen in 48 European countries.

image: Wild Wonders of Europe / mauritius images

Approximately, 70 of the most renowned nature photographers of Europe have come together to present the "Wild Wonders of Europe". The pictures address people from Europe and all over the world. The exhibition aims at increasing people's awareness for their responsibility for this huge natural heritage. The realistic presentation of Europe's flora and fauna is catching: Spectacular shots of sleeping pot whales, hunting sea eagles and further exceptional scenes of nature.

mauritius images' collection presents more than 1.000 images. "Wild Wonders of Europe" can be ordered on www.mauritius-images.com or sales@mauritius-images.com or 00 49 88 23 42 20

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