Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zoonar acquires Alamy as new partner agency

Zoonar talked about this before. They will acquire new content partners until the end of 2010. Zoonar is establishing a worldwide distribution network. As of September 22nd 2010 Alamy is activated as a new content partner in the Zoonar submitting system. This does not come as a surprise as Alamy is one of the top Agenties.

Alamy is however a more complicated Agency with the requirements of larger image formats, list of allowed camera models, "essential keywords", "main keywords", and the must of English Title and Keywords. The submitted images will first go through an approval process at Zoonar and then a second approval process at Alamy.

Except of the English keywording, Zoonar will take care of the English Title and essential and main keywords. They also will check the images at 100% zoom to see if the images can be submitted to Alamy. Zoonar will also marked these images by Alamy to increase the sales. That all will take time. Usually in the beginning of a new content partner, there will be a pileup of submission. Therefor the approval time may take 1-3 month, but it maybe also much faster.

IMPORTANT: Zoonar will not take part of the low budged program from Alamy.

Because of the time consuming preparation work for each image, Zoonar will pay 50% revenues. This is not more then other agencies, but Zoonar will most likely spend more time on preparing the images to increase sales. With the next content partners Zoonar plans to give higher revenues. Zoonar's goal is to be the agencies with the highest royalties for content partner connections. It is already at the top with Fotofinder and APIS with 80% revenue payout.

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