Friday, November 12, 2010

Introducing Shutterstock's New Contributor Page

Shutterstock introduced a major upgrade to the Shutterstock contributor site. Contributors now have access to cool and useful visual data at a glance as soon as they log in to With a great new map feature and informative charts, it’s never been easier for stock artists to see how their images are performing on Shutterstock.

With extensive input from contributors in creating these tools, Shutterstock is proud to lead the way in sharing information with their artists.

The centerpiece of the new page is Shutterstock Latest Downloads map. Each time contributors log in, the map plays an animation of their most recent downloads, mapped by the location of the customers who downloaded the images. The map updates in real time, and Shutterstock plans to add more functionality to the map in the future.

Elsewhere on the page, contributors can see an overview of recently uploaded, submitted and approved images, as well as charts of their weekly earnings, including a breakdown of earnings by new content.

The new contributor page is all about helping artists succeed on Shutterstock, and making Shutterstock site a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Shutterstock will continue to collect feedback from our contributors and make refinements. Shutterstock is committed to making Shutterstock the best online stock imagery site for artists.


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