Monday, December 13, 2010

age fotostock and THP Photo & Video Services welcome a new agent in Brazil

Dec 11. 2010 10:12 by CEPIC - THP Photo & Video Services, the software platform developed and administered by age fotostock, which offers IT infrastructure and services to photography agencies worldwide, has announced the addition of a new member to the THP platform: Easypix from Brazil.

Easypix is a newly founded image bank in the Brazilian market which distributes Rights Managed and Royalty Free images and video. The owner and CEO, Nelson Molinari Jr., has over 15 years of experience working in the industry for several well established agencies in the country.

The company is based in the São Paulo office, and has a trained professional sales team focusing on building strong customer relationships and on providing efficient service and customized support. The Easypix website has an intuitive and user friendly look and navigation, and since it is powered by the THP Photo & Video Services search engine and storage system, it enables fast and efficient image searches and file management.

Nelson comments on the implementation of the THP system: “We are pleased to be part of the THP platform. We are very sure that this system will give us good results as, according to our clients’ feedback, the THP provides one of the best search tools in the industry.”

Teresa Alonso, age fotostock’s International Sales Director comments: "We are so pleased to welcome Easypix into the THP network. Nelson Molinari’s long standing experience in the industry, together with the THP technology, will make it possible for them to compete in a large and demanding market, such as the Brazilian market. The THP Members network keeps growing as a force in the stock photography market and now, more than ever, THP Photo & Video Services keeps focusing on saving cost, time, and efforts for all members of its community, while keeping intact the most valuable of the assets for any company today: the brand identity”.

About easypix

Easypix is a newly founded agency, based in São Paulo. Easypix represents Rights Managed images and different Royalty Free products such as images, Virtual CDs and subscription services from international agencies worldwide. Easypix focuses on the creative and editorial markets.

About THP Photo & Video Services

The THP is the Technological Hosting Platform that connects image and video providers, distributors, and clients. The THP hosts an impressive database of slightly over 12 million high resolution files residing on the servers located in Barcelona, Spain, and New York, USA. THP Photo & Video Services also provides PhotoStorage and High Resolution file access to another 75 companies worldwide.

The THP was created and is managed single-handedly by age fotostock and has evolved into a community of close to 60 directly connected companies worldwide that can enjoy over 400 RF and RM collections and the images of more than 2,600 photographers.

About age fotostock

age fotostock is a general photo agency with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, and Paris, dedicated to the daily addition of quality images (Rights Managed and Royalty Free and Low Budget Royalty Free) from an impressive range of subjects. age fotostock also produces its own collections, age fotostock (RM), Pixtal, (RF) and easyFotostock (LBRF*), which are all distributed through as well as through over 130 other agencies worldwide.

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