Monday, January 10, 2011

SFXsource reaches 100,000 audio products available for download

The Sound Effects and Royalty Free Music library has now reached 100,000 audio products available for download.

The library includes only professionally designed sound effects and music composed and produced by top musicians and is one of a kind in its meticulous attention to categorization. While many sound sites lump their sound effects and music into 10-30 different categories, we spend countless hours cataloging our product into 645 categories and subcategories of sounds.  This dedicated attention to detail gives our users a efficient browsing experience when searching for the right sound for their project.  No need to waste time sifting through 8,000 "animal sounds" when you're looking for a particular type of animal for example.  We make sure specific types of sounds are easy to find," says site owner Adam A. Johnson.  In addition, while a handful of sites offer 200,000 or more audio clips for download, the offerings at SFXsource represent the best of the best quality recordings available.   As Johnson further explains, "We could allow 'user generated content' or accept any and all sound effects and royalty free music tracks available to us but we don't.  We vet every sound and piece of music and our fantastic product offerings reflect this attention to quality control."  With these excellent offerings across a wide selection of subcategories, is making a name for itself as a valuable destination for both professional and amateur video editors and producers on the hunt for specific and rich sounds for their productions.

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