Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dreamstime now with geo-locate your images

Dreamstime created a function to allow contributors to lace their images (whenever relevant) on the world map. You can click the map, search for places of interest or simply paste GPS coordinates if you know them already. Powered by Google, both map and sattelite versions are available.

The new funtion can be accessed from the Edit Image page or from the Submission page via Geo-location / Insert manually. Simply select the image, click the map and hit SAVE.
In case your gear supports GPS data, we read your EXIF automatically so there's nothing else you should do.

In this stage, contributors are asked to begin locating their images from existing portfolios and at submission time. The data will be used to generate various buyer-oriented features in the near future.

Congratulations! Dreamstime quietly passed another big milestone, sometime in early January. Dreamstime has over 3M registered users. The size of a small country.

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