Monday, March 7, 2011

Focus on Asia – Photokore Launches Microstock Photography Site To Meet Asian Demand

Photokore announces the launch of the first multi-lingual stock photography site dedicated to the needs and demands of the Asian market.

( March 3, 2011 -- Photokore launches website in 7 Asian languages - in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (simplified), with landing pages also available in Bahasa Indonesian, Filipino, Hindi, Thai, as well as Arabic and Spanish. Photokore allows photographers and illustrators to upload their original images for sale, and marketers to easily download and license hand-selected images at affordable prices.

Finding the right image, and being able to get it quickly and affordably, is a primary concern of all marketers. Until now, there has not been any venue for marketers to find and access imagery specifically selected to meet their needs in Asia. Photokore fills that void.

Getting global exposure for their creative work is what all Asian artists – photographers and illustrators - desire. Similarly, exposing their work to the growing Asian market is a goal for all non-Asian artists. Photokore allows all artists to expose their works globally.

“Asia’s demand for stock imagery is exploding, and our knowledge of Asian customers’ needs will be the key to success,” according to Photokore’s CEO, Sean Mooney.

For the first time ever, customers from around the world have direct access to unique Asian imagery that has never before been available to them. In another first, Artists from around the globe can upload their images for sale in Asia, giving them direct access to one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.
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Photokore is a royalty-free stock photography site dedicated to offering the best Asian images to the world, and high quality global images to the Asian market.

All photos and illustrations on can be licensed for creative use – whether on a personal website, or in a global marketing campaign – at prices ranging from US$1 – US$40.

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