Thursday, March 31, 2011

Veer New Partner Program For Microstock Images

Veer is excited to announce that they will be marketing and selling Veer microstock images to an even larger audience around the world. Veer's new partner program will make the images available to markets and customer segments that doesn’t sell to directly, which will increase your opportunities for exposure and revenue.

For years, Veer has worked with a global network of trusted partners that market and sell their macrostock images in other regions. Now they created an application programming interface (API) that makes it easy for Veer's resellers to add Veer microstock images to their web sites.

The royalties the contributors are earning through Veer partners are exactly the same as if they sold the image on (see Veer's current rate card here). It’s just like selling the image at Veer, but the sale happens on a partner web site.

The first two partners now selling Veer microstock images are Photogenica – an established stock photography provider in Poland – and Snapfish. Snapfish’s web site hosts consumers’ images and sells stock images, along with merchandise. The site has 95 million members, which equals plenty of new opportunities to sell Veer's microstock images.

Veer will share updates as new partners sign on. Veer is excited to offer their contributors even more opportunities to increase sales.

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