Thursday, March 17, 2011

YAY Micro Newsletter Update

YAY's New API is Live
YAY Micro has recently launched their new API! An API makes it possible for other image agencies to sell YAY's images on their own site. YAY Micro is working on an opt-out option, and it should be in place in app. two weeks.

Currently two partners are in the process of implementing YAY Micro's API. The commission is as it is on their site - you get 50% of what YAY Micro is getting on all single image sales! Currently they don't offer subscription on Their API.

Color Search (beta)
Now you can search by color at YAY! Using their advanced search options you can now search by color, and combine this search with other search features. Click one time on a color to search for it, click two times to exclude a color.

Try it yourself – ex. Spring and color “green”. 

New Strategic Affiliate Partner
YAY Micro is happy to announce a new strategic affiliate partnership with EuroCreon in South Korea!

EuroCreon will sell and promote YAY’s images in South Korea. Commission will be the same as for sales done on 50% commission on all single sales and €1 (app. $1.3) for subscription downloads. 

Affiliate: 20% commission – forever
YAY Micro's new affiliate program gives you a 20% commission on all direct referrals – forever. In addition you’ll get a 5% commission on all your referred people’s referrals.

YAY Micro offers individual bonus code, ready-made referral links on all pages, tracking and much more!

Read more and get started! 

Like to Boost!
Promote your images on Facebook – and get a boost in YAY Micro's search!

They have added a “Like” button under each preview image. If somebody likes your image - others might as well! Therefore all images with “likes” will be boosted in YAY Micro's search. The more “likes” your image get, the more it gets boosted. Get your friends to help you promote your images!

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