Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can Stock Photo In A New Design

Can Stock Photo announced today in their forum the layout of the website to their contributors. Here is the copy of the announcement:

We’re very excited to announce several major upgrades and changes (some you’ve likely noticed), and think you will be excited too.

New Website Design
The most obvious and striking difference is that today we are officially releasing a brand new design for Can Stock Photo. Our new design features a new logo, vibrant colours, and a new focus on usability, intuitive navigation, and search. The entire design has been rebuilt to make the site easier to use, and provide added focus on our fantastic content. The site is designed to work better with larger monitors, but also be optimized for smart phones and tablets.

While many of our individual pages remain the same, or largely the same, some have been significantly upgraded. Both of our front pages (signed in & not signed in) have been completely refreshed, to provide a new modern look, with more focus on our awesome content.

There have been many other subtle tweaks and upgrades, but instead of listing them all, I’ll let you all discover them.

New Search
We are especially excited about this upgrade, and we think you will be too. In short, our search is now much, much, faster. In fact, we can confidently say we have one (if not the) fastest search engines in the industry, available anywhere. Navigating between pages and viewing results is faster than ever, and we have added more search options to make it easier to filter and refine your search. For people who do regular searching, we’re confident that our new search will save you a lot of time.

Esthetically, our search page has also been upgraded, to provide a more streamlined view. You now have the option to display images in several view modes, including: titles, gallery mode, and detail view.

You can also select “Auto” for the number of images per page, and have your screen filled with the maximum number of results possible, without having to scroll. Just tap the forward/back arrows on your keyboard to shoot through results.

We have also significantly increased the size of our preview watermark images, to provide a sharper and clearer view of our images. But at the same time you should notice that all of our images load even faster than before, despite the larger previews. Cool!

New Foreign Sites
Over the past several months we have been working hard to expand into new markets and territories, and have been rolling out various foreign versions of Can Stock Photo. We are pleased to announce that we are adding 9 new foreign sites, in addition to 13 that we have already added recently. And we have more in the works. Each individual site is focused on its local market and language, providing global exposure that was not otherwise possible.

Updated Payout Schedule
With these enhancements, we wanted to take the opportunity to also refresh our contributor payout schedule, to make it easier to understand, and to accommodate our expanding markets & purchase options. You will immediately notice that unlike other agencies, our payouts have not been lowered. Our credit & instant purchase payout amounts remain the same, which presently work out to an unmatched 50-62.5% commission for our contributors. Subscription sales will see a new $0.35 commission level added. To see the payout schedule, click here.

We hope that you are all as excited about these upgrades as we are. In the coming weeks we will be working on continually tweaking our internal pages to reflect the updated site design, and we are looking forward to incorporating any feedback you all may have.

If you do have any feedback or bugs that you spot, we’d love to hear from you. You can submit a Support Ticket, so that we can get back to you. Or if you’d like to make an anonymous suggestion, you can use the “Feedback” form at the bottom of the site.

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