Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shutterstock Introduces A New Keyword Trends Tool

Shutterstock introducing a tool to help our contributors discover keywords with high customer demand.

The new Keyword Trends Tool shows you what customers search for on Shutterstock, and how some words rise and fall with the seasons. You can enter up to five words and see a graph of the words’ popularity over time.

Keyword Trends is the first tool of its kind in the industry. You can use it to help plan when to create content (be it vectors, video, or photos) and make decisions about when to upload seasonal content.

When you visit the tool for the first time, you’ll see five boxes at the top. Enter any search terms into those boxes. Or, click on the suggested keywords in the left-hand column, which are personalized based on your portfolio. The page will draw a line graph showing the relative popularity of those keywords over time.

You can use the tool to:

1. Understand seasonality.
Try entering the word “Christmas” and you’ll see that searches for “Christmas” start picking up in August. That’s when you should be shooting and uploading Christmas images. Search for words like summer, spring, autumn, winter, beach, football, fireworks, or snow and see what you learn.

2. Discover emerging trends.
If you think of an idea for an image concept, use this tool to check your hunch. For example, do a search for ‘carbon fiber’ and you’ll see that search volume has been increasing steadily since last year. Search for the terms ‘retro’ or ‘lace’ and see their popularity is on the decline.
A few notes on how the tool works:
  • If you enter multiple words in a single box, the Keyword Trends Tool considers all the words together, but not as a phrase.
  • The scale adjusts dynamically match the words you enter.
  • In cases of keywords with low popularity, the data may look uneven, due to small errors introduced by data sampling prior to January 2011.
  • The tool will improve over time as Shutterstock collects more data.
Ready to give it a try? Log in to your contributor account, visit The Darkroom and get started!

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