Sunday, September 4, 2011

PhotoDune Statistic for August

PhotoDune posted in its forum this updated and outlook to the future to keep their contributors in the loop of their planning.

Things Going Well

  • Sales are climbing, our first month out of private beta saw sales increase more than double, from 1700 sales to 4200 sales for the month. Small still, but a good trajectory!
  • We’ve passed 150 authors with approved items on the site, you can see the list ordered by sales here: – Yuri is still dominating, that guy is a machine!
  • The library has been growing by about 750 a day which in the wider world of microstock is not much, but for us just starting is lots!
  • We had some performance problems in the upload queue, but after a lot of hard work, we seem to have solved them making uploads much smoother
  • We hit 750,000 pageviews last month, almost double the prior month!
  • Search traffic is zooming upwards with 2000 visits a day flowing in already

Things We Need to Work On

  • Interestingly extended license sales are super tiny, despite the low pricing. This is interesting because the main driver of the low pricing is higher sales, so as I mentioned above this will go into our retro discussions when we hit the first quarter mark
  • We’re learning fast about how fast items pile up for review Right now our review queue sits at about 5000 with 2000 being processed per day, meaning an average of about 2.5
  • working days to get a file approved. This is pretty so-so and we’re working to improve this!
  • We have a bunch of search and interface improvements that are still slowly rolling out. Of course this is something that will continue to the end of time really
And finally we’re starting to ramp up our marketing push slowly but surely, so I hope I’ll be able to stop in next month and report more neat stats!

You can find the original post at the PhotoDune Forum.

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