Friday, September 16, 2011

Shopartgallery Is Online

Shopartgallery announce that the Shopartgallery website is online at

The site was conceived as a community of professional photographers and illustrators, created in order to promote their work and help them find new customers. Shopartgallery also tries and help buyers to find images they need and to choose where to buy images according to their preference.

A list of agencies is available on each image page to see where that image can be licensed. A counter of visits to each agency, an important statistic parameter, in order to help the artists to know exactly how many times their images were seen in each site is visible as well (only when logged in).

In accordance with membership purchased, authors will be able to promote themselves in different ways.

Shopartgallery invites you to join. All users who will register until the 1-st of November 2011 will have two months of free Premium membership and 10 months with 50% discount. Also to the first 10 users reaching 2000 images in the portfolio will be given three years of Premium Membership for free.

The site is actually in Beta Version and, as you know, this means "not quite ready yet". Because they use sofisticated tools Shopartgallery need a period where you can test it out and help them revise and improve it. In order to do this please give them feedback and please understand and have patience. If you will browse the site and find bugs, bad translations and/or other things not working, please tell them what you like or don't like, what's missing and what you'd like to see on the site. The correction of translations is available only in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Romanian. Your comments are very important and hopefully this will help Shopartgallery to build the FAQ part (available in about two weeks) and will help them to provide you a good service and launch the Shopartgallery 1.0.

You can subscript  to their Shopartgallery RSS feed in order to receive news and interesting related articles.

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