Sunday, September 25, 2011

StockFood launches living4media: the new image agency for home and living

Sep 25. 2011 12:09 by CEPIC  - StockFood, the world’s leading food image agency, introduces living4media: a new picture agency specialising in home and living.

The concept behind is to unite the most outstanding images produced by internationally renowned photographers and well-known niche agencies under one roof.

The new premium collection focuses on rights-managed images as well as feature articles. living4media features include up to 50 individual images and comprehensive texts, and are available for exclusive licensing.

living4media will offer images covering every aspect of contemporary domestic life: in the interiors section, there will be photographs of unique dream houses, designer villas and city apartments, illustrating examples of contemporary lifestyle trends and offering interior design inspiration. Other subject areas include DIY and renovation as well as creative ideas for craftwork and home decoration. There’s also a full range of photographs of outdoor life at living4media, such as stunning gardens, inspirational patio designs and creative ideas for private gardens.

The new picture agency brings together the work of a host of renowned artists and photographers under one roof, including prestigious names like Simon Upton, Per Magnus Persson, Winfried Heinze, Alexander van Berge, Christine Bauer, Magdalena Björnsdotter, Michael Paul and many more. They are joined by a carefully-chosen selection of specialist agencies from around the world such as Interior Archive, View Pictures and Elizabeth Whiting, with many more to follow in the months to come.

The living4media website is bound to impress thanks to innovative functionality, including one of the first drag-and-drop lightboxes found in the picture agency industry. Cumbersome clicking is now a thing of the past.

The uncompromising quality for which StockFood is already known, and its seemingly inexhaustible supply of images, will provide the model for living4media’s own high standards. As StockFood CEO Pete A. Eising emphasises: ’Over the course of the last thirty years, StockFood has shown how dedication to image quality has helped us to become the market leader. With living4media we can now create its equivalent in the world of home and living.’

The new agency will fill a gap in the range of image providers on the professional photo market. living4media Managing Director Martin Skultety points this out clearly: ‘Numerous professional image users have remarked on the lack of a strong and independent supplier of high quality content in this field, offering a full range of expert services. That vacant niche in the market has now been filled. Our track record means customers can rely on living4media for quality, continuity and consistency.’

About living4media

living4media is a new premium picture agency specialising in home and living images. As an independent division of StockFood, the world’s leading food image agency, living4media benefits from the global leadership position of its parent company. The website will form an international industry portal to showcase the work of renowned image and content producers from around the world, covering the field of interiors, living, lifestyle and gardens. Alongside its own collection, the site will provide access to existing well-known specialist image agencies in the relevant fields.

StockFood and living4media are part of CulinArts Holding GmbH, a group of businesses led by CEO Pete A. Eising. Thanks to a worldwide network of sales offices and partner agencies, the company operates in over 60 countries across five continents.

We supply images of your choice free of charge for use in any media coverage of living4media. Just get in touch with us.

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