Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photokore Now With A Referral Program

Photokore is a agencies that has it focus on the Asian market, but also is dedicated to offering the best Asian high-quality images to the world.

Many contributor waited for the announcement of their referral program. Photokore’s member referral program consists of two parts:
  • Artist Referral
  • Customer Referral
Every time you, a registered Photokore member, successfully refer* a new member to www.photokore.com, you will receive 2.5% of every transaction they make:
  • For every Artist you refer to Photokore, you'll receive 2.5% of the transaction every time one of their images is downloaded.
  • For every Customer that you refer to Photokore, you'll receive 2.5% of the transaction every time they download an image.
If you are the referrer of both the Artist and the Customer, you'll receive 5% of the transaction!

* The referred member must be either a New Artist or a New Customer
(i.e. they must not be a current or past member of www.photokore.com).

Your Referral Earnings are added to your Account balance on your Account page. When you Account Balance reaches $100, you have the option of requesting an earnings payout – via PayPal or MoneyBookers.

That’s not all. Our Member Referral Program also offers a Referral Bonus, based on your monthly Referral activities (Referral Earnings). This means that if the total amount of your monthly Referral Earnings exceeds certain goals, you will earn a bonus in addition to that. For more details, refer to the table below.

You can find more information about Photokore at: http://microstockagencies.blogspot.com/2011/04/photokore.html

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