Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yuri Arcurs International Commercial Photography Academy Boot Camp

Are you looking for new horizons, new opportunities; a way to make your mark on the world? Are you dedicated and driven to succeed in the dynamic and vibrant world of photography? 

The Yuri Arcurs International Commercial Photography Academy is the perfect opportunity for you! 

Boasting an elite international academy program, it hopes to produce the most gifted photography class of 2015. 

This privately funded program will run for three years, during which the participants will be provided with a free education that includes food, basic accommodation, Internet, access to Apple Mac computers and top-of-the-range camera equipment, plus the added possibility of earning pocket money based on the participants performance. 

This three year photography course will include tuition from some of the industry's foremost experts and working experience through interactions with real projects, clients and top models. 

The Yuri Arcurs International Commercial Photography Academy is looking to recruit 10 - 15 of the most motivated, ambitious and bright candidates for this tuition course. 

Candidates will be be given the opportunity to prove their mettle during a two-week long photography boot camp in January 2012.  Very little photography knowledge is needed, and Yuri Arcurs Photography will equip you with what you need to know. 

Danish-born Yuri Arcurs is one of the industries leading photographers and shoots lifestyle photography at the highest commercial level, as well as being the world's highest seller of stock photography.  

Yuri is also one of the highest earning photographers in the world and as a testament to this, PDN magazine voted him one of the most influential photographers of the decade. He is dedicated to the highest quality of digital photography and was recently inducted into a small, select group of photographers sponsored by Hasselbad. Yuri was recently granted one of the largest sponsorship agreements ever made by Profoto, Sweden. 

A quick Google search generates close to 2.1 million hits which is twice as many as the former Danish Prime Minister! 

But along with all of the accolades and success, hard work and determination walked hand in hand.  

With the Yuri Arcurs International Commercial Photography Academy he is offering 10 - 15 lucky candidates a chance to get a firm foothold in this competitive industry with a practical, highly informative three year education. Candidates who would otherwise not be able to afford such a notable education will have the chance to begin a promising career upon a firm and knowledgable foundation. 

The Yuri Arcurs International Commercial Photography Academy is an opportunity that all fledgling photographers and creatives alike cannot afford to let pass by. 
For more information on the criteria for application visit 

Applications to be in no later than 1 DECEMBER 2011.

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