Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alamy now accepts VMRelease™

Alamy announced via an newsletter to their contributors that they now accept VMRelease™ for releases.

Dear Contributor,

The need to have releases for your content is becoming increasingly important to clients in today's market, but carrying around print outs and pens on top of your camera gear can be an added hassle that you just don't need.

We're therefore happy to announce that we are now accepting releases produced by VMRelease, providing you with a convenient way to add value to your shots via an intuitive iPhone app that lets you produce releases on the go.

Use the app to create your own personal or company profile, capture images of your subject/property, input contact details, obtain signatures, send and store, all in 6 simple steps. Once you transfer your releases from the app, you can upload them to Alamy in the usual way via the "Assign release(s)" tab via image attributes in "Manage Images".

For more information visit the VMRelease website.

Kind regards,

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Ozimail said...

This is Tom McGhee Photographer and creator of the VMRelease™ to let everyone know that we are currently in the development stages of a VMRelease™ for the Android and plan on introducing this valuable addition to our family of App's in Feb 2012.
For more info on the VMRelease™ FAQ at http://www.vmrelease.com

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