Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All You Can Stock

All You Can Stock is a worldwide marketplace for high quality royalty free stock photography, illustration and art.

The site http://allyoucanstock.com was launched in June, 2011 on the sole purpose of building a community of professional photographers, graphic designers and artists to exhibit and sell their art works on the international market.

We recognize the fact that there are numerous stock photo agencies on the market however we believe that our approach and philosophy make a difference.  What are those specialties?
  • Stock Ordering We believe that even having millions of stocks might not satisfy all needs as consumers' imaginations are infinite. We introduced a functionality for ordering tailor-made stock to optimize supply and demand. Once the order is submitted artists get notified and can contribute.
  • Free Pricing We provide free pricing as we believe that artists have to have full control over their portfolio. While uploading a stock artists can set the price and also they can adjust it anytime later on. It does not only give freedom to the owner but also follow the free market philosophy.
  • Art as Stock Besides standard categories like Photo and Illustration we came up with an unusual category called Art. The idea behind it is to sell a e.g. painting as a stock. We are not selling the physical artwork but the photo of the artwork as a stock. We are proud that we already showcase artworks from well known contemporary artists e.g. Reka Somogyi or Igor Eugene Prokop - in our store.
  • Competitive Royalty Rates We maintain competitive royalty rates which is as of now 75% for all artists.
  • Advertizing Artists  We do take part in advertizing artists' book launches and exhibitions.
  • Direct Payment Buyers can buy stocks directly with a credit card. All payments go through PayPal.
On 1st of December we announced our existence to the micro-stock world. Since then we are experiencing a steep exponential growth with a daily volume of 200-300 uploads and ~3000 page-views. As of today we have 90 contributors from 15 countries around the world.  
Our team is constantly improving the usability and look and feel of the site and announcing latest updates on social media channels.

Please visit us on http://allyoucanstock.com and join! Should you have any quires please send e-mail to: contact@allyoucanstock.com

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