Thursday, December 8, 2011

Microstock Expo Videos Online Available

The rumors are true!  The videos from Microstock Expo 2011 are FINALLY ready! If you couldn’t make it to Berlin this time, this is your chance to see exactly what happened, what was said, and what was shown.  If you were there, you can re-live all the action.

Here’s a quick taster video. Turn the volume up loud, set it to full screen, and get inspired!

Want to re-live Microstock Expo 2011? Couldn’t make it but want to see everything that happened?

We’ve got the solution for you in the form of 10 hours of professionally shot HD footage filmed over the full two days of the conference.

Getting access couldn’t be easier. Simply buy access for just €99 and you can watch the videos from all sessions online, as many times as you like. Or if you just want to see one session, they’re available individually for €20 each.

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