Monday, March 26, 2012

Dreamstime Brings Inside Photo Tips to the Masses

Stock photo site taps contributor community to provide photo hobbyists with tips and tricks of the trade

Nashville, TN – March 26, 2012 – Photography is an art form filled with nuances and techniques that can be challenging to grasp and even harder to master. Recognizing theobstacles that the industry presents, Dreamstime, a leading stock photography community, called upon its talented contributors to share their collective depth of knowledge. The result is Dreamstime’s “Field of View,” an initiative to provide photo hobbyists with advice ranging from shooting techniques to selling strategies.

This is the first in an ongoing series of tip collections designed to help developing photographers hone their skills. This month, Dreamstime is focusing on model work and event shots as a follow-up to the awards show season.
  • Secret to Success: One of the keys to getting great shots is having the right equipment, and knowing how to use it. So what tools are necessary for success? “Lights, meaning a flash with tilt/swivel are something I would be unable to work without,” said contributor Bradcalkins. “In terms of critical camera functionality, the hot shoe is key to using the flash or other lights.” Other popular answers included editing software, a variety of lenses, good light and tripods.
  • Working the Camera: We’ve all heard the photo shoot clichés: “Work it! Work it! Love the camera!” Expressing emotion in photo shoots is critical, so how can photographers help evoke passion from their models? “Before the shoot, explain what story you will be telling,” says Wysiwygfoto. “Engage the models in conversation during the shoot – make them feel comfortable. Tell them what you are doing and why.” More tips on model photography can be found here.
  • Standing out in a Crowd: Taking event photos may seem simple on the surface, butthere are a number of factors to consider. Location is key, so arrive early to scope out the grounds and get a good seat. Prime seating can produce images that bleacher seats would never get you. It’s also important to understand the point of the event and who the main players are, so you know where to be looking. In terms of equipment, Birksphotography recommends investing in a monopod and high-quality zoom. “Fast glass is needed for stadium arenas because the lighting isn’t bright enough for fast shutter speeds, and only a wide aperture is going to increase that without noise.” For more tips on event photography, click here.
  • Words to Sell By: “After about three years at Dreamstime (and only at Dreamstime) I think that this business is 90 percent about photography and 110 percent about keywording,” says Alvera. The right keywords can have a significant impact on sales, so what are the secrets to picking them well? LOstarts recommends limiting your keywords to 20 or less, using as many as possible in your description (without using atrocious grammar), and revisiting and updating your keywords periodically. Get all the opinions on this topic here.

Dreamstime would like to thank its contributors for sharing their knowledge and tips! Next month, in honor of Earth Day, Dreamstime will help you take that perfect nature shot.

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