Sunday, September 16, 2012

picWorkflow Adds Photo Retouching Service

picWorkflow Announces Photo Retouching Services: Offers everything from color correction to turning that frown upside down

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom - Bob Davies, owner and founder of picWorkflow, today announced the official launch of photography retouching services for clients seeking photo editing assistance. picWorkflow allows photographers to focus on their craft and leave the stress of photo editing to picWorkflow’s expert team. The company focuses especially on editing, producing and distributing stock photography, as well as everyday uses for photo editing needs.

At just $0.90 an image, picWorkflow offers top tier professional quality work at an unbeatable price. Included in the initial edit of a photograph is the raw processing of color correction, white balance, noise management and JPEG conversions. picWorkflow also offers the ability to choose the best images based on batches of several pictures from photography sessions for a few cents each. In addition to the basic retouching services offers, clients are also able to choose from raw processing, dust spotting, eye brightening, teeth whitening, facial shine removal, stray hair removal, merging images, removal of logos, photo restoration, removal of glasses or braces and much more ranging from a few cents to a couple of dollars depending on the amount of work needed.

Clients are given total control over what they require in their pictures and picWorkflow is committed to leaving customers 100% satisfied with their work. Their experienced teams of editors will suggest what would be best for a photograph while also considering the needs of the client. Photographers simply need to upload their images to the website, choose the retouching tasks desired and provide information about the desired result, and one of the experienced professionals will personally work through the images to deliver the highest quality product and service. picWorkflow’s retouching team handles over 10,000 images every day and continues to build a strong client-base.

picWorkflow offers online stock and commercial photo workflow tools and services for clients. It is part of the company picNiche, which started in early 2008 as a simple tool to help research the potential for new images in the microstock photography market. Since then it has grown to include a variety of tools and websites for photographers and image-buyers, all with the goal and dedication of improving the stock photo workflow, reducing production overheads, and ultimately increasing a business’s revenue from stock photography.

Everything in the picNiche suite is owned and operated by Bob Davies, a stock photographer and illustrator with a modest stock portfolio at various agencies. He is an experienced software engineer and workflow specialist, and has worked on many workflow-improvement projects for top corporate clients around the United Kingdom.

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