Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Introducing the Bigstock Partner Program!

Bigstock announces the new partner program. Bigstock is enabling to sell images at their standard 30% commission rate through the new partner program. Their new partners include a group of email service providers, website design services, online ad builders and other companies that want to offer your photographs, vectors and illustrations for sale within their products and services. Bigstock understand the importance of knowing how their contributor images are sold and we've designed this program with visibility in mind.

Here are the details:
  • Contributors images will be re-licensed for each use. For example, they will earn a commission for each email campaign that contains one of your images.
  • The contributors will know each time their image is licensed though this program. They will start to notice "Bigstock Partner" entries on your Image Earnings page together with commissions for every sale. What's more - we'll be classifying partners into categories so that you know how your images are being used.
  • Contributors will earn a 30% commission on all Bigstock partner sales. This is the same 30% commission percentage you earn today on Pay As You Go image sales. For example, if a partner pays $5.00 for an image you will earn $1.50 in commissions.
Contributors are already set up to benefit from our partner program - there is no need to sign up. We think contributors will be happy with this new program, but if you'd like you can opt out of Partner Sales at any time. Have questions or comments? You can review our page for partners.

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