Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alamy Shakes It Up With Alamy IQ

Beautifully simple, incredibly powerful, and FREE

15 November 2012 - International stock imagery company Alamy has launched a new service – Alamy iQ. Alamy changed the face of stock imagery when it emerged onto the market in 2000 and brought new ideas to the industry. Building on its reputation for innovation and disruptive market strategies, Alamy iQ is set to redefine the way global organisations buy, use and manage their visual media assets. Alamy iQ offers customised rights and rates and enhanced search features. It will complement or replace existing asset management systems, help speed up decision making and eliminate risk.

Alamy developed the service following consultation with creatives and picture buyers from large organisations. And having trialled Alamy iQ with over 200 international corporations, 30 magazine companies and 100 design agencies Alamy is now making the service available to all customers. With Alamy iQ, companies will benefit from customised rights and rates across multiple cost-centres, and the facility to house their own visual assets alongside those they have purchased – keeping all their images in one secure accessible place. Alamy iQ also enables picture buyers to sell their own collections through the Alamy platform.

James West, Alamy’s CEO, said: "The benefits of Alamy iQ are numerous and include – instant visibility of images purchased across a whole organisation, discounts on re-use for colleagues in other divisions and options to upload and sell owned assets. We are providing all this without the need for customers to write a single line of code or carry out any installation or integration. And what’s more it’s free.

“We see Alamy iQ as the first step on the journey to resolving the wider challenges in the industry and in positioning Alamy as the go-to site for all professional image needs.”

Alamy iQ also gives photographers what they have been asking for many years, a wider audience for their imagery and more effective tracking of image use and control of rights.

Alamy iQ is available immediately. To see how Alamy iQ works in practice watch this short animation.

The outputs of the research roundtable event are contained within Alamy’s White Paper - Image Licensing; Time for a Change available to download here.

Alamy iQ - patent pending

A pioneer in stock photography

Founded in 1999, Alamy revolutionised stock photography by creating the world’s first open, unedited collection of images. With over 30 million images Alamy is the world's largest independent agency for news, stock and video imagery. It supplies thousands of designers, marketing departments, news desks, and publishers with imagery produced by the best professional and amateur contributors around.

Alamy provides the most comprehensive choice of imagery, supported by excellent customer service and a fast and simple online experience. Alamy is proud of its fair and ethical business model. It aims to be the first port of call for buyers and suppliers of imagery. It has a friendly and helpful approach. And it shares the rewards with its suppliers with fairness and transparency. Alamy’s business is underpinned by a philanthropic ethos.

See about Alamy for more information. Click here for images to accompany this press release

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