Thursday, February 7, 2013

BIGSTOCK Is Adding Subscriptions Option

Bigstock offers already customers the flexibility of pre-paying with credits. Next week, they will offer their customers an increasingly popular way to buy images: subscriptions.

How will this affect me?

Subscriptions can generate higher download volumes, which can increase your total earnings from Bigstock. Here’s how you will earn royalties from Bigstock subscriptions:
  • Every time one of your images is downloaded using a subscription, you will earn a royalty.
  • The more downloads you’ve acquired in the previous 12 months, the higher your royalty will be, up to $0.38USD per download.

Here are the details:

Number of Downloads in Previous 12 Months
Royalty per Download
From To
1 199
200 999
1,000 1,999
2,000 9,999
10,000 19,999
20,000 49,999

  • Any Bigstock download will be counted to determine which royalty tier is applied, regardless of how our customers license the image.
  • Credit and partner royalties will remain unchanged.
  • Extended licenses cannot be purchased using a subscription, and will continue to generate a royalty of up to $29.70.

Are there any other updates?

Yes. Bigstock has put in place a 250,000 print run limitation on their Standard License. They believe this will increase demand for Extended Licenses, generating higher royalties for you from Bigstock.

Bigstock is also simplifying their Standard Image License terms to bring Bigstock more closely in line with industry standards for royalty-free licenses.

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