Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zoonar API network established!

As of now photographers will find in Zoonar's parnter management the new partner „Zoonar API Network“. Via our REST API we supply different partners like picture agencies, poster shops (print on demand business models) and more. In the beginning there are two new partners (F1Online/Strandperle and Reportagen.de) but in 2013 many others will join in. What is special for our photographers: price level and licence structure will remain the same. So all photographers can participate without worrying that any pictures would be offered to wrong conditions. Also the licence structure remains the same throughout.

"We have established the Zoonar API network so that we don't overload the partner management with too many smaller partners. Otherwise it would be too elaborate in the long run deleting photos or removing pictures from a partner. Via the API it is much easier and faster.", according to Zoonar's CEO Michael Krabs. "Via the new API we hope to distribute at least 80% of the existing photos as this offer is suitable for all photographers. Now that we are aiming at the 3 million photo mark, we also want to broaden our parnter network globally and nationally via the new API. This way our partners get access to certain photo sectors, licence structures and price levels in all possible combinations. A specific selection is also realizable via the API like e.g. creative photos, selected poster motives, cities, animals or illustrations. There will be no API integration in search engines which remunerate image views with microcent amounts.", according to Zoonar's CEO.

Zoonar photograhers can now accept the Zoonar API under "my profile/partnermanagement" and then activate the portfolio.

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