Thursday, August 22, 2013

InstaStock launches stock photography service for authentic footage

New concept: InstaStock allows Instagram and smartphone users to earn money with their snapshots

  1. The first innovative database in the microstock market which provides most up-to-date authentic photos
  2. Smartphone Generation: Everyone can easily share and sell their photos online
  3. Companies: Purchasing fresh, authentic and unique photos for campaigns and other usage
Win-win-situation for smartphone photographers and companies

Berlin, July 2013 - InstaStock is one of the very first photo databases, which sells authentic, up-to-date images of smartphone photographers, launching in July 2013. Users can easily upload their best pictures via Instagram and smartphones in a few seconds and even when on the go onto their InstaStock gallery. Via InstaStock, photographers increase their awareness, earn 50 percent of the selling price but still keep the rights of their images. International companies can buy the image licenses and use them with unlimited creativity for authentic marketing campaigns and editorial contents.

How the idea of InstaStock arose

The idea behind InstaStock arose when the global technology company Fujifilm contacted founder André Lutter with the request to license images from the photo database of yourPainting GmbH (the primary company of André Lutter, which sells commissioned paintings). "From my own experience, I know that companies are always searching for emotional and up-to-date images", says André Lutter. "Instagram users upload millions of photos monthly. I am also uploading photos from my iPhone onto my Instagram account everyday. So why not earn some money with your hobby?", says Lutter. "Via InstaStock I cannot only sell my photos to big international companies, but I can also make my images famous.”, says the young entrepreneur.

Thousands of new uploads daily

Two weeks after InstaStock was launched, it now holds a diverse portfolio from fascinating landscapes, authentic portraits to emotional snapshots. "Thousands of daily, new and unique images are added. It's amazing how today’s smartphone produces such great quality photos", says Jan Dzulko, Angel Investor of InstaStock. By the end of the year InstaStock plans to offer companies from various industries more than 10 million authentic photos to choose from. With an investment from Slam Dunk Capital and other Angel Investors, InstaStock will be releasing their stock photo website to the public in September 2013.

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