Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monetise iPhone photos with Stockimo from Alamy

New app helps smartphone users sell their photos to everyone from designers to news agencies and publishers

Alamy, the largest online collection of imagery for photo buyers, which has already paid out over $140 million to photographers since 2001, today announced the launch of Stockimo, an app that turns smartphone photos into cash. Compared to similar apps, users can make more money out of their photos by using Stockimo because it plugs into Alamy’s existing sales and distribution network. Until April 30, 2014 any user that registers with Stockimo will earn a higher commission on all sales. The app is designed for the iPhone 4S and above and is available worldwide.

By signing up to Stockimo, users are able to upload and tag their iPhone photos. Uploads are reviewed by photo experts before going on sale on Alamy and through its established global sales and distribution network. With Stockimo, photographers can make more money compared to other mobile stock photo apps. Photos uploaded through Stockimo and sold through Alamy sell for the same price as those taken with professional camera equipment. Alamy’s customers include news agencies, publishers, designers, advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments.

Alan Capel, Alamy head of content commented: “Smartphones have changed photography - they can capture a moment within seconds. With Stockimo, anyone can make money from the moments they capture on their phone. We’re trying to help put the value into smartphone photography and helping photographers cash in on their galleries of pictures. There’s a place for mobile pictures in the stock industry. We want to be the first choice app for creative people who take photos using their mobile phones and want to make some money and showcase their work to a global audience.”

James West, Alamy CEO said: “Our photographers don’t always have their cameras with them; they do always have their phone. Stockimo was created to give them, and budding photographers, a way of making money from their phone pictures.”

Key features of the app include:
  • The app is about simplicity. Users upload and tag any photo they’ve taken, including images which have been filtered using other apps
  • Photos are sold globally, with key markets in the US, UK, Germany and Australia
  • Users still own the photos they take but can also make money on the ones they sell
  • Stockimo is truly mobile first. Photo reviewers approve uploads on a smartphone without needing to touch a computer
  • Built for the iPhone 4S and above; designed for the iPhone 5S

Based on present figures, the average image sells on Alamy for $90. Photographers could make even more if images are sold to advertising agencies or publishers, with average prices reaching:
  • Advert $500
  • Book $150
  • Online $20

Alamy worked with award winning mobile app developer, Mubaloo to create Stockimo.

About Alamy:

 Founded in 1999, Alamy revolutionised stock photography by creating the world’s first open, unedited collection of images. With over 44 million images Alamy is the world's largest independent agency for news, stock and video imagery. It supplies thousands of designers, marketing departments, news desks, and publishers with imagery produced by the best professional and amateur contributors around.

Alamy provides the most comprehensive choice of imagery, supported by excellent customer service and a fast and simple online experience. Alamy is proud of its fair and ethical business model. It aims to be the first port of call for buyers and suppliers of imagery. It has a friendly and helpful approach. And it shares the rewards with its suppliers with fairness and transparency. Alamy’s business is underpinned by a philanthropic ethos.

See about Alamy for more information.

Notes about commission

Early bird offer - users who download the app before the 31 March 2014 will get 40% of each sale.
Standard commission -20% of each sale
Incentivised commission for existing Alamy contributors - Alamy contributors registered before Stockimo launched will get 50% of each sale.

Top tips for submitting photos

Take time on your keywording - Alamy customers search the library using keywords. So even if you have the perfect image for them, if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.
Have enough images online – although people can start to make sales with just one image, we think about 100 images is a great size to start making sales.
Get the right releases – get a release when you can and understand when and why they’re needed.
Think commercially - who will buy this image? What will they buy it for? Follow trends – what is ‘now’ and what is up and coming?
Edit your image – get it ready to use, it'll make customers much more inclined to buy it.
Your image needs to say something – whether it's a literal illustration of a news story, or a conceptual image of a landscape, the image needs to have a purpose. If you can’t think how your image could be used, it probably isn’t right for stock.
Think about the copy – a lot of the images we sell will be used with text. Book covers, posters, billboards. So leave some space for the words.
Stand out from the crowd – there are two key ways to stand out from the crowd in stock. You can either shoot niche subject matters or your images need to scream ‘look at me’.

How it works

- Upload your smartphone photos
- Describe each image with a caption and tag key features and concepts
- Submit and your photos will get rateD
- If your photos are accepted, they’ll go on sale at and its distribution network
- The app will tell you when your photos sell
- You’ll get paid your share every month if you’ve made over $10
- There’s an early bird offer where you’ll earn 40% commission on every sale, after that it’s 20%
- You keep the copyright, your photos stay on Alamy to sell again and again

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