Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PressFoto Introduces ImageRent – Stock Image Rental for as Low as One Penny

CHICAGO – April 24, 2014 – Today at Visual Connections Chicago, Royalty-free stock image innovator,PressFoto, announced ImageRent, a new service that makes more than three million stock photos immediately available for commercial, editorial or personal use online at a minimal cost – in many cases as low as a single penny.

Rather than purchasing the images outright, customers pay a “rental fee” for the rights to use the image. The fee is based on the number of times the image is seen at a fixed rate of $.01 per thousand views. Images may also be used on social media sites free of charge.

“There are plenty of people around the globe creating online content who aren’t willing or able to spend the money required to purchase stock but don’t see theft as an acceptable alternative,” said Dmitry Shironosov, CEO of PressFoto. “ImageRent is the perfect solution. It provides legitimate and cost-effective access to a massive library of great images at an exceptionally reasonable cost.”

How it Works

To use the ImageRent service, customers set up an account with PressFoto and purchase a rental credit package. At that point, customers are able to embed any image (or images) they choose from the PressFoto catalog into their websites or blogs. Photos reside on the PressFoto servers but can be edited directly on the PressFoto site before they are embedded. The editor can also be used to add copy to an image as part of the rental service or an image that is shared at no charge on social media.

A rental fee of $.01 is charged for every thousand views of each image used is deducted from the customer’s account. If the rental fees ever reach the purchase price of a particular image, no further fees are assessed and the renter now owns the web size image outright. Should a customer’s Image Rent account be exhausted, a watermark will appear on all rented images, but the images will remain. The watermark will be removed when additional credits are purchased. Credit packages can be purchased for as little as one dollar.

About PressFoto

PressFoto provides royalty-free images, vector graphics and video footage for commercial, editorial and personal use. It offers a wide variety of pricing and distribution models designed to make copyrighted content available to as many different customer types as possible including a unique ImageRent solution, which allows images to be used for as little as one penny.

PressFoto offers some of the lowest prices and least restrictive usage and payment plans in the industry while providing contributors with some of the most favorable revenue sharing terms in the business. For more information visit

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