Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stockbo is Bringing Back the Soul to Stock Photography

Photographers are finally well compensated for their hard work.

Perth, Western Australia, April 02, 2014 - Stockbo, a just-launched stock photography agency, is shaking up the industry by promising fair treatment and compensation to photographers.

Launched at the start of March 2014, Stockbo is Perth’s latest creative / tech output which has set out to make purchasing images for commercial use – stock photos – more accessible, simplified, and fair.

Founded by four close friends with a passion for photography and a dream of bridging the gap between photographers and commercial clients, Stockbo’s mission is to cater to two often-overlooked aspects of the industry.

The primary goal is to ensure fair photographer treatment, with photographers treated as business partners and earning at least 50% of each sale. Contributing photographers are also welcomed with transparency and personal interaction.

“When we decided to start Stockbo and tackle this huge industry, the objective at the forefront of our minds was supporting our photographers. We have seen them as partners from the start and wouldn’t have it any other way. Photographers have even had a strong hand in the direction of the business and we have incorporated a lot of their feedback along the way,” says founder Ranjeev Sidhu.

Photographer Michal Bednarek says, “Stockbo brings in the soul factor to photography marketplaces. I chose Stockbo for the ease of use and great perspectives. But above all because they treat their contributors like good colleagues in a friendly office, and not like remote suppliers. I will support and will be supported by Stockbo.”

The other core focus is to maintain a high standard of quality. Stockbo provides a curated image collection, meaning that each image goes through a rigorous screening process.

“The feedback we gathered from image buyers is that existing platforms make it time consuming and challenging to find photos that stand out and truly captures what they want,” Ranjeev says. “That’s where we are directing our focus. We don’t want to be just another agency that churns out millions of images.”

“We have a two-phase review process: firstly, to approve photographers to ensure our style and quality standards match; secondly, each contribution is reviewed carefully for the following key attributes:
  • Inspiration
  • Beauty
  • Quality
  • Usefulness
  • Legal implications
“It may be a long process, but this ensures that people go ‘wow’ every time they visit the site.”

Marketer Brendan Collins from Bang Online Marketing - http://www.bangonline.com.au - agrees: “Stockbo has been a blessing for us, finding the right photo for clients is easy and the team is always there to support.”

Stockbo’s founders are excited about the future:

“We’ve had some fantastic feedback and interest, and it’s always great to put Perth in the spotlight. We’re excited to be spearheading the drive back to quality and fairness in the industry.” For more information visit http://www.stockbo.com

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