Monday, November 3, 2014

Stock Photography Sales Statistic October 2014

This is my stock photography sales statistic for October 2014. You can find a complete list of stock photography agencies that I work with here.

These are for me the best 4 performing stock agencies for October 2014:
  1. Shutterstock
  2. DepositPhotos
  3. BigStock
  4. Zazzle
October was not a bad month this year, but it came with a big scare. In the second half October my Shutterstock revenue dropped down to about 30% on daily subscription sales and referral income. It would have been devastating if I would not had an increase on direct, on demand, and EL sales. So far I am not sure what the reason is. October was compared to September the same and had a drop of 5% compared to October 2013. It was the best month ever for iStockPhoto, BigStock, DepositPhotos, Picsastock, and

(This statistic include referral earning at the different agencies)

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