Friday, April 23, 2010

Toronto Sun Cartoonist and Fotolia Contributor now in Apple’s App Store

For your daily dose of “the very best, funny, sick, and painful gag cartoons,” check out TIMWIT: one of the latest additions to hit Apple’s App Store. Free to download, this App is loaded with Tim Peckham’s signature cartoons. Over 200 cartoons are on the App, many of which were pulled from Peckham’s collection on Fotolia. With all the image IDs listed in the App, TIMWIT also acts as a catalog for what’s available on If you see something you like in the free TIMWIT app, download it from Fotolia for as low as $0.75 and post it to your blog or website for as long as you need.

Peckham found microstock to be the perfect industry for selling his collection of quirky characters, and he chose Fotolia because of the ability to connect with buyers from several different countries using localized sites. “I love when I get an email telling me someone just bought my cartoon. That means someone out there probably laughed,” says Peckham. “It’s a wonderful feeling knowing my cartoons are being enjoyed and earning me money at the same time. I've never been paid much as a cartoonist (kids, think twice about devoting all your efforts to a cartooning career – only a few make a living), but microstock allows my work to find a growing, laughing audience.”

To check out Peckham’s portfolio on Fotolia:
And to download the super cool cartoon app:

A 22-year veteran of the Toronto Sun, Peckham has some words of advice to share with budding artists, photographers, and cartoonists: “Be creative. To get those great ideas, try making space between your thoughts. Spend more time not thinking. It's easier to get an idea when you're not thinking. I'm serious. Try it.”

Source: Fotolia Blog


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