Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alamy partners with social network site mySomeday

Alamy is providing a gallery of stock photos to social media site mysomeday. The website allows visitors to share a goal and then use planning tools to achieve it.

Stock photo library Alamy has teamed up with social networking site mySomeday to help users turn their goals and dreams into reality.

Alamy is providing a gallery of images which visitors to the site can use to illustrate a particular ambition.

Launched in 2009, mySomeday is a platform to help people achieve the goal they always aimed to get around to “someday”. It provides tools to plan and track progress while offering encouragement from a ready made network of supporters.

Users are invited to post photographs of their dream, either from their own sources or from the Alamy gallery. Over 1,000 people have already used the site for achievements including running a marathon, losing weight, learning to play the guitar, travelling to Africa and moving house.

“Visualization is a key part of turning goals into reality, so as a first step we enable users to associate an image with a goal. By providing thousands of high-quality and inspiring images to our community, Alamy is playing a big part in helping users actually see themselves completing a goal,” said mySomeday founder Joseph Satto.

James West, CEO of Alamy, added: “Alamy is delighted to have formed an exclusive image partnership with mySomeday. This amazing collection of images will provide plenty of inspiration for people as they try to achieve their aims.”

About mySomeday:
mySomeday is a goal achievement platform that helps people achieve the dreams they always said they would get around to ’someday’. mySomeday works by providing tools that break down goals into manageable, proven step-by-step plans that visually track progress.


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