Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Million Royalty-Free 2D and 3D Resources at The3dStudio.com

Mesa, AZ—June 15, 2010: The3dStudio.com announces a new milestone: the company’s collection of royalty-free 2D and 3D resources has now topped 1,000,000.

The3dStudio.com began as a free resource site in 1996 and is now one of the largest and oldest resource sites on the internet. The web site is a one-stop-shop for free and priced 2D and 3D resources including 3D models, textures, stock photos / stock images, etc. These resources are used by ad agencies, game developers, architects, graphic artists, film makers, publishers and others. Expert custom model work and free file conversion are available.

Buying 2D and 3D resources at The3dStudio.com is fast and easy. There is no minimum purchase requirement and no subscriptions or pre-paid credits are needed. After payment is made with a major credit card or PayPal, the digital resources are available for instant download.

Fast and personal customer service is provided seven days a week with no canned or automatic responses. President Matt Anderson says: “Our business continues to grow because we believe in operating in a fair and ethical manner and we treat every buyer and seller as we like to be treated. It’s great to see that our core principles are helping The3dStudio.com continue to grow as we prepare to celebrate our 14th anniversary.”

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Brandon said...

The 3Dstudio is an excellent source of 3d models. Awesome stuff. Just be sure when you're using this stuff in commercial projects or stuff for resale you're not infringing on any copyrights or trademarks. Just because you make a reproduction of an iPhone doesn't mean you can sell that image without Apple's consent.

Check out some more royalty free stock photos at Productiontrax.com

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