Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zoonar Website In A New Design

Zoonar's website was relaunched last Friday. Apart from a modernized design, Zoonar also offers new functionalities.

You can now upload EPS vector graphics and you can use FTP to transfer your images. Furthermore, you can automatically release all of your uploaded images for Zoonar's content partners. Some more information follows below.

You will find your FTP login data in your profile. You can still use the Zoonar Media Manager though.

Vector Graphics
Please upload vector graphics only via FTP. First, you upload the EPS file and then a JPEG with the same file name, containing keywords, description and title. You can also add all relevant information to your EPS files in your "Manage pictures" section. You don’t need to upload JPEG files then. Important notice: it’s not possible at the moment to release vector graphics for partner agencies!

Automatic Partner Release
If you activate the automatic partner release option all of your photos which have the correct price category and licence model will be passed on to the selected partners automatically. So, if you choose to automatically release your photos for Polylooks, all of your new photos which have the price category "Microstock" and the Royalty Free (RF) licence will be passed on to Polylooks once every day, usually at night. If you activate the automatic release for Fotofinder, then all of your images which have a premium price category will be passed on.

To save yourself some time and work, you can select your desired default price category for all of your new images in your profile (go to your profile, and there click on "Edit profile" and then select the "Settings" tab) before image upload. For Polylooks, you only need to add the Royaly Free (RF) licence. Everything else is automatic.

At the time of writing you can still upload 150,000 images for Zoonar's 15 euro cent per image campaign. The photos you upload should ideally be ordered by series and themes. You can earn more money this way, because Zoonar can process complete series of pictures much faster than a haphazard collection of images.


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