Monday, July 12, 2010

Introducing the new Veer

Veer is excited to announce the launch of a redesigned We’ve worked hard to roll out a new web site that offers customers simpler navigation, better showcases more affordable content, and provides industry-leading payment flexibility. We’re proud of the new site, and want to share the highlights with you:

- Affordable:
We’ve moved our entire collection into a single, powerful search experience that better showcases your content. Microstock images are no longer on the sidelines, they are now completely integrated into a single search. This makes them front and center to all buyers – a big plus for customers looking for lower-priced content. In addition, we’ve removed some of the industry labels that customers sometimes found arbitrary and confusing – like premium, value, or microstock, instead simply showing images with their corresponding prices right up front. We’ve also added new search filters allow users to quickly find the content that best fits their needs and budget – whether it’s price range, resolution, or file type.

- Simple:
We’ve made the Veer home page beautiful and user-friendly with a big search box, gorgeous images made from elements that can be licensed on the site, and a clearer explanation of what Veer offers. We think it’s really going to draw new buyers in. We renamed the tabs at the top of the page, and added easier access to a new and improved lightbox, as well as a redesigned shopping cart. We’re also showcasing a new tagline: Veer makes it easier to be creative – with a combination of over 1.5 million royalty-free images and illustrations, over 12,000 fonts, and some of the best T-shirts and mugs around, we think this tagline will resonate with both current and new customers.

- Flexible:
Customers on Veer have been able to use credits to buy Marketplace content from day one. But customers were limited to buying macrostock content on credit card or on-account only. Now all customers can license all of your content with either credits purchased in a credit pack, or pay directly with a credit card. We think this kind of flexibility is going to be a hit – from big agencies that prefer credit cards for accounting purposes, to the smaller shop that appreciates the savings and pick-and-go convenience of credits.

Find out more about what the new payment flexibility will mean for you and your royalties.

- Other key changes:
Another important change we're eager to share with you: we’ve removed the term Marketplace from page copy. It’s all just Veer now. Simple for us, simple for you, and – most importantly – simple for customers.

In order to help keep things clear, we’ll soon be renaming our contributor-focused Twitter account from @VeerMarketplace to @VeerContributor to reflect these changes.

- Marketing and Future Improvements:
To celebrate the new site and share it with existing customers and new ones alike, we’ll be rolling out lots of marketing beginning in late summer and continuing throughout the fall. And we’re going to keep working to improve the new site even more over the coming months – make sure to let us know if you spot any bugs or have a feature suggestion.

Go here for the full message:

If you have questions or comments on any of the changes, please contact us at

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