Monday, December 27, 2010

Zoonar sets up an international partner network

Hamburg. The picture agency Zoonar announces the winning of cooperations of an international sales network. They alreaday have six partner agencies. The renowned picture agency Photolibrary is the latest partner.

In addition to the German suppliers DDP Imgages, Fotofinder, DFJV and Picturemaxx, the photographers can now also offer their photos via Alamy, AGE/THP and Photolibrary.

As of 24 December 2010, Zoonar offers the photographers a lump-sum share of 60% of all received commissions via the partner network. A brilliant commission in comparison to other international agencies.

Zoonar's CEO Michael Krabs announces the aim of integrating further partner agencies in 2011. "Our aim in the long term is getting 20-30 partners who are extremely well in direct selling." According to Michael Krabs 100 agencies can already be integrated in the selling with the existing partners.

The winning of sales networks is very popular in the agency business. Though the speciality of Zoonar according to Krabs is "that the photographers own the complete control over their pictures and that they can variously distribute single photos, price segments or licence types. Other than that, microstock photos can be integrated in the distribution network".

According to Zoonar's CEO, the sale via the new partner network will mainly start in the first quarter of 2011. That's why they calculate with a considerable growth in sales as of the second quarter of 2011.

Zoonar now offers more than 200,000 professional animal pictures as well as 400,000 nature and landscape pictures. That's why we have one of the largest stocks in the field of nature. Especially mentionable are our vast collections in the field of pets, wildlife, garden, nationalparks and seldom plants. A special service: Publishers of postcards, posters and calendars get manually retouched high resolution quality data up to the size A2 in an optimal high resolution printing without any surcharge!

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