Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cutcaster released Picture Buyer Statistics

Last week, Cutcaster started tor release the first installment of information they gathered from a picture buying survey they conducted last year with those people who use and download stock imagery.

Over 344 image users and buyers from mostly North America responded. You will find some of the answers picture buyers gave very interesting and not what you would expect.

Cutcaster blog: Picture Buyer Stats Released – Market Information for Online Image Users
When we decided to re-design and re-write the code for the new Cutcaster site last year, we knew we needed first to get a better idea of who was using Cutcaster, what was their process for using royalty free image libraries and how we could better serve them once we released the new site. Listening to what they told us led how we built Cutcaster and was a valuable undertaking not only for us but we felt that it would be really helpful for our Cutcaster members and the industry in general. Over the past year, we surveyed some of the largest and smallest image buyers using Cutcaster or in the stock photo and clipart industry to learn more about their image buying habits, demographics and photo needs in general. In an effort to provide our users and readers with details that can help educate and improve their sales, we are releasing what we have learned from the buyer surveys to the community at large.

Over the next two weeks, Cutcaster will be releasing a large amount of data from our picture buyer survey to help those interested in the stock photography market or using Cutcaster. If you use this information please link back to Cutcaster ( or this blog post). The survey was completed by 344 image users mostly in the US and Canada who use royalty free or rights managed images. The following results were collected from their responses.
  • What category best describes the type of company or organization for which you work?
  • When purchasing digital images and illustrations, which of the following activities do you perform?
  • How many people work at your company?
  • How many people work at your company?
  • How frequently do you purchase stock photography in a typical year?
  • How frequently do you purchase stock photography in a typical year?
  • How frequently are image researchers or buyers downloading royalty free images or clipart per year. We can see that a very large percentage of responders said they license more than 50 images a year.
  • Image buyers annual budget
Check out how much a typical picture buyer spends on a single image or clipart download from a stock agency. The above chart shows image buyers spend per single image. Remember that this includes both royalty free and rights managed licensing (as well as free).

Next week, Cutcaster will release more information regarding what decisions go into choosing an agency / image library, what picture buyers like most and least about their stock agencies they work with currently and what things image buyers want to see an agency do but aren’t at the moment.

Please read the complete story with image and answers at the Cutcaster blog.

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