Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dreamstime - New Level, Feature & Licenses

Dreamstime is about to celebrate their seventh anniversary and they look forward to a new fruitful period at Dreamstime. To celebrate this, they are releasing a large array of new features and upgrades meant to consolidate their position as a leader in stock photography and also to improve sales.

Although still young, they have managed to establish a tradition of innovative and unique features throughout time and to continue in the same spirit, they bring you an upgraded price structure, additional licenses, a special lightbox feature, and new subscription plans.

The new price structure brings a "new guy in town", level 0!

As you can see, a new level has been introduced for images without any downloads (for now, new customers only):
  • The first download will continue to sell at the price we've had so far, while the next will have the previous level 2 pricing. Higher levels shifted towards files with less sales (e.g. now: 1-4 downloads, before: 5-9 downloads).
  • First download awards a 25/27.5% royalty (non-excl. contributors), while the next ones stay the same, but at higher prices.
  • Exclusive royalties remain unchanged.
  • Level 5 files sell now for a maximum of 19 credits (previously 17 credits).
  • Level 0 subscriptions remain at 1 download. The average price per download for subs awards an average of $0.50 (non exclusives). Adding extra downloads here would only make this this product less attractive for the buyers.
We expect most files to continue to sell at better pricing under the new level, while any additional downloads will bring better revenue to the contributors (as much as triple for extra small files). The increase is high for lower levels and diminishes for higher ones.

Two brand new licenses go live today: SR-EL1 and SR-EL3. They are in fact extended RF licenses awarding an unlimited print run and exclusivity for a specific time interval (1 year or 3 years). In order to keep things simple, their value is based on the price set for SR-EL (hence the name). Files are automatically disabled after purchase and automatically re-enabled once the license expires. At that time, the designer is allowed to continue to use the file, but will lose exclusivity. Full details here. These licenses are automatically available for all files that already have SR-EL enabled.

A new experimental feature, "Choose your price", for a limited number of customers. This feature is available for downloads via lightboxes and is consequently targeting volume buyers. Designers will be allowed to set their own pricing for the files they prepare to download. The feature is using an elaborated algorithm that ensures that contributors receive royalties above minimum required (credit-based). The price that is set by the designer will be split between the agency and the contributors according to each file's level and per our royalties chart.

Three new weekly subscriptions are added today for designers with short-term projects to complete. With the weekly option, subscribers are able to download up to 10, 25 or 50 images per day. While the product is almost identical to our current monthly subscription, the abbreviated subscription is available at a lower cost.

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