Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Depositphotos Improved Photo Stock Search

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, June 2011 - The Depositphotos stock image agency introduces a quantum leap in its already powerful search capabilities, with new as-you-type search result tips. Enter a search term, and you’ll immediately see a window of related keywords, the number of images marked with each keyword, and a sample image. Buyers can narrow down their searches, and find the material they need even faster than before.

Not sure what keywords to use? Type a few letters in the search window, and the search result tips will complete your words, show you options and present you with keywords you might not have thought of. Looking for a specific photographer? Image providers are included in the search result tips display.

Depositphotos adds thousands of images every day to its stock image library, and continues to fine-tune its speedy user interface to meet the needs of its members. The simple keyword search is easy and intuitive, and advanced search options can limit searches by category, photographer and excluded keywords. But with the addition of search result tips, users gets keyword feedback, to help refine searches and more specifically target the images they’re looking for.

Whether you’re a designer looking to buy images for a project or a photographer selling your stock, working with Depositphotos is quick and easy. Our low, low pricing and flexible purchase plans make it easy to buy exactly what you need instead of just what you can afford, and our generous commission structures give our contributors enormous earning potential. We are the best of both worlds, because that’s how we do business.

Depositphotos, Inc., is the fastest-growing stock photo agency on the Internet, with over three million royalty-free photographs and vector images. Our libraries are updated daily through contributor uploads that are closely scrutinized for quality and originality -- you’re assured of finding the highest quality original artwork available anywhere.


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