Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October News Update From Photokore

New Tutorial: Food Photography

New function: Search is now available in French!

Recent Revisions:

New Image Upload Process:
  • ‘Upload’ and ‘Upload BETA’  - After logging-in, you’ll notice (under the ‘search bar’) ‘Upload’ and ‘Upload BETA’. Clicking on ‘Upload’ will take you to the Upload pages that you have been using since joining Photokore. Clicking on ‘Upload BETA’ will take you to our new upload page (which was developed based on all the input we have received from our Artists during the past several months). We hope you’ll try the new ‘Upload BETA’ and send any feedback you think necessary to  We plan to keep both upload options on the site for about one month, until we’re sure the ‘Upload BETA’ works perfectly. At that time, we will delete the old upload process, and ‘Upload BETA’ will become the default ‘Upload’ process.

Illustration Submission Guidelines
  • Revised Vector Illustration Guidelines – Due to the request of our Artists (and after consulting with customers) we have lowered the requirements for Adobe Illustrator version from ‘version 9 and above’ to ‘version 8 and above’. We have also changed the requirement to provide ‘both EPS and AI files’ to ‘either EPS and/or AI files.

  • Artist & Image search - If you know the Username of the artist who's images you'd like to view, or if you know the Image Number of the image you want to view, you can now type them in the Search Bar and find them directly!

New additions:

Create Artist’s Page:
  • ‘Create Artist’s Page’ - After logging-in,  click on ‘My Account’ (at the top of the homepage, next to ‘Log Out’). When the ‘My Account’ page opens, on the left side of the page you can click on ‘Create Artist’s Page’ and fill-in information about yourself. This is what people will see when they click on your Username under one of your images, so fee free to promote yourself here!

New ‘Image Preview’ page:
  • Posting images to Facebook and Twitter - When you click on an image, an ‘Image Preview’ page will pop-up. Under the large Image (on the left side of the page), on the left you will see Facebook and Twitter icons. By clicking on these icons, you can post the image on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Detailed Image Viewing - To the right of Facebook and Twitter icons, you will see a Magnifying Glass icon. Click on it and wait a few seconds. Then move your cursor over the image and you will be able to see a magnified view!
  • ‘Like this Artist’ – Under the large image (to the right of the Artist’s name) you will see a ‘I like this Artist’. Viewers can click on this if they like your image, and the number of ‘Likes’ will be shown as ‘X people like this artist’.

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