Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aurora Launches myPhone Collection and Easy Rights Managed

November 14, 2011 — Portland, Maine - Aurora Photos is excited to announce the launch of the myPhone Collection of stock photography, a collection of images taken with iPhones and other mobile devices by some of the world’s top photographers and iPhoneographers, and now made available to pictures buyers for both editorial and commercial licensing. To coincide with the launch of the myPhone Collection, Aurora is also introducing a new modified Rights Managed licensing model called Easy Rights Managed. The model offers simple, quick, broad, and managed rights at reasonable prices.

“Camera phone photography has become such a vital part of our visual culture today. We are excited to be able to offer the finest examples of this kind of imagery to clients and build a collection that will be seen as singular, contemporary and fun.” states Aurora’s President Jose Azel.

To establish the foundation of the collection, Aurora solicited camera phone images from its worldwide base of top editorial and commercial photographers. Aurora then partnered with the Facebook group iPhone Photo Pros, a diverse group of photographers ranging from professionals to amateurs who have an unyielding passion for iPhone capture and application processing. The group includes National Geographic Photographer Dewitt Jones and iPhone photography instructor and guru Teri Lou Dantzler.

“The iPhone is the ultimate digital sketchpad enabling the photographer to create and experiment in any situation,” explains photographer Dewitt Jones, “The astounding quality of the lens and processor and the number of post production apps available allows the photographer unlimited creativity to generate images fully ready for hundreds of professional uses.”

The myPhone Collection will be licensed using Aurora’s new Easy Rights Managed licensing model. Customers simply indicate the industry and territory of the use, and then select one from just a handful of choices that defines the use and duration of license. “Easy Rights Managed is a simple and accessible licensing model that maintains a sales history and still allows for exclusive licensing,” explains Aurora’s Director Karl Schatz. “It’s a perfect fit for a collection of images like myPhone.”

The myPhone collection is open to all photographers who would like to submit their images. A quick and easy online agreement gives any photographer the ability to submit a photo by simply emailing it straight from their phone. Interested photographers can visit: http://www.auroraphotos.com/myphone/submit/
New photographers that sign up and submit by November 30, 2011 will automatically have their photos entered in a myPhone photography contest being judged by the iPhone Photo Pros group.

“Personally I never imagined that my iPhone images would be considered by a stock agency,” says iPhone photography guru Dantzler, “The fact that Aurora realizes the potential of these little jewels is very exciting.”

“Aurora is the first stock agency to offer such a collection,” adds Jones, “The first to realize the impact that iPhone images are making on the country and the world, and the first to understand the multitude of ways they can be used by buyers of stock photography”.

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