Monday, July 23, 2012

London 2012 – Capturing the mood of the Olympics

This summer, the largest sporting event in the world will be upon us. With Olympic fever set to grip the nation, it’s worth thinking about the photos you can take in this defining moment of our sporting history.

Although you’d need official accreditation to sell photos taken inside the sporting venues, there’s every reason to take your camera elsewhere, even if you don’t have a press pass.

Sport and a sense of national pride will be major themes throughout the summer, as we celebrate our successes, join together as a country and soak up the atmosphere. Your photos can capture this unique mood, whether it’s children playing football in their local park, people dusting off their unused rackets for a spot of tennis or communities gathering for a street party.

London and other venues will be flooded with a cosmopolitan mix of sports fans and competitors from around the world and the eclectic combination of culture and competition will make a fascinating backdrop for your photos. Our buildings and landscape have changed too, and there’s nothing to stop you photographing the stadia from outside and documenting the regeneration that’s taken place.

Think about how your photos will convey the colours, look, feel and pride of the United Kingdom, and upload them to Alamy – like the Olympics, they could have a lasting legacy and make you some money too.

We’ll definitely see a significant increase in demand for sports related imagery on Alamy, approaching and during the Games, so here are some suggestions on the types of photos you could take to capture the mood and contribute the perfect Olympic-themed shot…
  • The cultural impact of the Olympics, events surrounding the Games themselves
  • The increase in national iconography, patriotic images and images of national flags and emblems
  • The infrastructure surrounding the games including stadia, media coverage, transport links etc
  • Sports photos relating to each sport – this might be old favourites like athletics, football, tennis, horse riding and sailing, or the more unusual events such as water polo or Greco-Roman wrestling
  • Other major sporting events in the run up to the Olympics
  • Photographs of people involved in local events, whether community, competitive or fun based (fun runs, tug of war, sports days, street parties)
There will also be demand for more general and conceptual sports-related photos, this might be:
  • Images of victory, winning, glory and competition
  • Close ups of equipment, stadia, running tracks, seating and more
  • Exercising and competing, body parts, tensed muscles and grimacing faces
  • Emotions from sport like euphoria, focus, disappointment and exhaustion
Whatever you’re looking forward to at the Olympics, take your camera, capture some unique imagery and let us help you share it with the world.

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