Saturday, October 26, 2013

Depositphotos launches Clashot - photo mobile application and social platform for publishing and selling images

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2013 -- /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Rapid developments in mobile technology are sparking the creation of fundamentally new types of photo collection and distribution services, revolutionizing the photobank industry. Ordinary people with Android and iOS smartphones (and, in the near future, Google Glass), will be able to compete with professional photographers, and contribute to the world's leading photobanks. Depositphotos' new project Clashot has adapted social media tools and processes to facilitate this change. Contributors with Android or iOS hardware can use a free app to collect, annotate and upload photo reports for rapid worldwide distribution and sale.

"The Clashot project represents a completely new concept for a photobank. It features simplified registration, easy availability, no examinations, a generous motivation program, and encouragement from the company and from other users," says Elena Flanagan-Eister, CEO of Depositphotos, "The web version of the project has the same simplified functionality as the mobile application; the search or purchase of photographs takes only two clicks."

In social media, "likes" and "shares" are the primary criteria for evaluating the success of people's creative works. Clashot introduces a third criterion; along with liking and sharing photographs, reviewers will be able to readily evaluate a photo financially.

At the moment, Clashot is creating an opportunity for a certain group of active users – we're calling them the "Experts" – chosen by project administrators to redistribute material resources from Clashot among contributors. Each "like" from an Expert will be converted into cash that accumulates for contributors, and can be withdrawn in a variety of convenient ways. You, too, could become an Expert; in that case, your Clashot friends will have an opportunity to receive financial gain at your recommendation, beyond typical "likes" and comments. Clashot will cover the expenses.

The operating budget disbursed by the Experts comes not only from funds raised by selling photographs, but from other sources as well, including a portion of the site's advertising revenue. Clashot contributors will be able to use these funds to pay for hundreds of different services. Even a casual contributor could expect to earn enough to offset the time and effort spent uploading photos. Notes Flanagan-Eister, "We believe that any work should be paid for."

To coordinate the efforts of photographers in different parts of the world, we have launched a Missions Center, which will alert our contributors to the subject matter or events relevant to each particular region, and which photos would be interesting for a photobank or a sponsor of the mission.

Clashot is a project of Depositphotos company, the youngest and fastest-growing photobank in the world, which joined the microstock industry in 2009, and in four short years became one of the most significant players in the market.

Depositphotos is fully aware of how the market of visual products is developing, and the company's trend-setting experience all but guarantees the success of Clashot.

Clashot is an international platform for all cameraphone and mobile gadget users. Each owner of an iOS or Android device can download the Clashot application for free; it will help an author to evaluate his own works and start selling them.

Clashot doesn't require any examinations, and users can register in just two clicks. Clashot publishes any legally produced works, regardless of subject matter or category. Once published, they immediately become available for purchase.

Clashot can introduce to the photobank industry not only individual photographers, but also large studios and the groups of authors. Clashot is not only a professional, multifunctional and convenient photobank accessible on your smartphone; it's also a community for creative and gifted people.

Remember: with Clashot, each of your images is valuable!

Clashot: Likes, Shares, Sales

About Depositphotos Inc.

Depositphotos is the fastest-growing microstock agency in the world, having collected millions of stock photographs, vector images, and videos for sale under royalty-free licenses. Thanks to recent innovations and high optimization, the company has become the most dynamic in the entire market: every week, more than 150,000 new high-quality files are uploaded, carefully screened and selected by moderators, then added to the Depositphotos library. The company is headquartered New York, USA, and has business offices in New York City, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Ukraine and Russia. For more information, please visit, and follow Depositphotos on Facebook or @Depositphotos on Twitter.

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